Introducing our advanced Rust Prevention and Anticorrosion Spray! Specially formulated to provide fast and effective protection, this product creates a unique shield against rust, corrosion, steam, and stone damage for both rubber and metal surfaces beneath your vehicle. Experience a significant reduction in noise, making your drive smoother.


**Key Features:**

– **Targeted Protection:** Ideal for vehicle undercarriages, luggage boots, sandboards, and wheel potholes.

– **Professional Grade:** Meets the stringent quality standards set by vehicle manufacturing factories.

– **Versatile Use:** Beyond vehicles, it offers versatile protection for various surfaces.


**Usage Directions:**

1. Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free of dust, oil, or film. Protect areas not intended for spraying.

2. Shake the product evenly before and during use.

3. Perform a test spray on an unexposed part or waste article.

4. Spray evenly 20-40cm from the surface. Incorrectly sprayed areas can be cleaned with kerosene-soaked cloth.

5. Press and rotate the can if the product remains but can’t be sprayed.

6. After use, clean the nozzle and release any remaining gas.

7. Achieve full drying in 4-6 hours, depending on the operational temperature.


Experience top-notch protection with our Rust Prevention and Anticorrosion Spray – the perfect solution for maintaining your vehicle’s longevity and minimizing wear and tear. Order now for a driving experience that statimer! he test of time!