1.Protect your car, truck, or SUV with this premium quality silica gel car floor mat.

Your vehicle’s interior is constantly under siege from the elements.

Mud, snow, water, and ice are daily tracked into your car, wreaking havoc on your floors while slowly damaging and deteriorating your investment.

2. Easily customizable for a huge variety of cars, trucks, and suvs.

Front mats and rear mat have been specifically designed to fit for most popular models on the road. Refer to our size guide above to ensure the perfect fit for you vehicle.

3. Made of high quality material, does not crack or bend, strong and durable.

It will protect your car from wear and tear, there are ridges and deep grooves which can effectively contain dirt and debris.

4. The floor mat is made by eco-friendly silica gel material, which is deodorization, waterproof, and also has natural anti-bacterial property to keep your floor mats clean and germ-free.

5. The mats are easy to clean. People often neglect to wash their floor mats regularly, because it takes time and effort.

Car washes are expensive and it is a real hassle to wash each floor mat with soap and water. In addition, floor mats often take hours to dry. But our floor mat, simply separate the two layers and shake to remove dust. It can also be washed with water, which only takes a few minutes to completely dry.


1. Material: Silica gel.
2. Color: Black.
3. Product Size: 260 mm * 675 mm (Car Front Floor Mats)
450 mm * 470 mm (Car Back Floor Mat)
675 mm * 455 mm (Car Back Floor Mat).
4. Weight: 3620 G.


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