• Adopting an environment protective formula and natural material, the product can be applied for the auto air conditioner without removing it.
  • The product is harmless to human body and it could eliminate bacteria and odors effectively and quickly.
  • The powerful foam could soak into the interior of the air conditioner, so that it could directly get rid of the dirt, oil stain, bedbug, leaf and other sundries in the air conditioner.
  • Meanwhile, it could kill the bacteria, remove the odors, and prevent the bacteria from growing for a long time.
  • The product is possessed of the ability to recover the refrigeration and heating performance for the air conditioner, save power and extend the duration for the air conditioner.


  1. Find the external air inlet, and turn on the air conditioner at highest level, and then adjust it to the external circulation;
  2. Shake up the cleaning agent, and spray it into the external air inlet.
  3. Turn off the air conditioner for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Turn on the air conditioner; the dirt will be discharged automatically from the drain outlet


Material Type : Tin-plate Can spray bottle

Volume : 500ml


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