※Can be used to clean dust, snacks and debris, clean the car environment at any time

※Power 90W, use the car cigarette lighter socket as the power plug, and have a 1.8m extension cord, enough to clean any corner of the car

※The product is equipped with a duckbill nozzle for easy removal of gaps and angles.

※Bionic shape, streamline design, beautiful and compact, is car special vaccum cleaner

※Multiple filtration to prevent secondary pollution

※Multiple filter device can not only completely absorb dust, but also ensure that the discharged air is clean and avoid secondary pollution.

※ Lightweight and easy to use, the design is easy to use, as long as you pick it up and press it with your hand, you can easily vacuum


Brush: 9.5*2.5cm
Air head: 8*3.7cm
Duckbill head: 18*9.5cm
Black hose: 110*3.7cm
Length of power cord: 1.8m
Machine Size: (L)X(H)24X18.5cm/9.44″X7.28″(appr.)

Instructions for use:
1. Insert the plug into the cigarette lighter socket in the car.
2. There is a power switch control button on the top of the handle. Push the control button to the position to use it. Push it down to stop using it.
3. Replace the nozzle according to the occasion of use.
4. When using, the suction port is flat on the ground to achieve better results.
5. This product cannot be used to inhale combustion products, such as cigarette butts in the burning.
6. This product is not intended for use in water absorption.
7. Turn on the flashlight switch when using.


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